please let me stay

photo by meredith towsandits official, i bought a record player today! while sifting thru the blues section at angry mom records in ithaca, ny, i was drawn to the album “living chicago blues” vol#6. the cover of the record is a man and a womans feet, at a bar, with a guitar and a few drinks. the woman wearing a skirt with black tights and strappy heels, the man in a pressed shirt with slacks holding a drink.

the second photo was taken by me. ironically, the photo of my boyfriend, nick,  and myself  was taken in chicago at a music club! i have strappy heels with black tight and nick with dress shoes and slacks.

furthermore, on the back of the cover is a picture of queen sylvia embry, bassist and vocalist. for all of you who know me, know i love to play the bass and sing. and for those of you who do not, i have recently begun bass lessons and voice lessons. and have dreams of playing the bass and singing the blues.

i listened to the record and really like the song ” please let me stay” by queen sylvia embry.

im working on a comic strip that is about me and my artwork, music lessons, music shows, music, art shows and my bass. i dont have a name for the comic yet…any suggestions? i think music=art would be proper. i will be working on this throughout the week and will have more photos of the comic.


4 thoughts on “please let me stay

  1. Dan the Lion

    Nobody’s Business.
    Blue Shampoo.
    Merry and the Low Notes.

    See also Neil Young’s American Stars ‘N Bars cover (1977) for another take on that Living Chicago Blues LP art.


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