look into the air

ive been reworking some photos and pictures that i have collected within the past 2 years. i realized while looking through my work that some photos, drawings and paintings  from 2 years ago corelate with current photos, drawings and paintings. i got the thinking that maybe just as seasons build, and change then strip and recycle, that our emotions do the same.  a drawing i did a year ago shares a similair or enchancing emotion that when put together with a photo from the past weekend,  creates  an even more illuminating feeling. almost to expierence it all over again; like when you smell a scent from the past.

as i  work on creating a collage of emotion, i have been listening to the texas intrumental band explosions in the sky. the music creates layers of atmoshperic and moving electric tones that creates its own collage of emotion. im moved by the way the music seems to connect, build and break down emotions, just like the seasons. look into the air is a track that inspired the picture below. as ive suggested in the past, and will again every time i post music with art…. listen to the music while looking at the picture. <<<<<MUSIC=ART>>>>>


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