Gallery Night+Deep Beatz

I will be painting live!! 

FRIDAY, March 5th, 2010  GalleryNight + Deep BeatZ present:
.:Art After Hours @ WildFire:. “late-night excursions into music + art…”
with MUSIC by:
Adam Vana(DJ), R. Audiard (LIVE) , David Ezra Brown (LIVE) , Laika (DJ)
and LIVE PAINTING by: Meredith C. Towsand + Jesse Hill
FRIDAY, March 5th, 2010 @ WildFire Lounge 106 S. Cayuga St. (downtown on the Commons)
The late-night edition: 9PM – til’ late $5. Eat at WildFire and get in FREE* (*show receipt at the door, good for 2 ppl.)

About the ARTISTS:
Meredith Towsand is a painter, photographer, and sketcher extraordinaire. Inspired heavily by music, Meredith has an eye for capturing the essence of local musicians, thus adding a very personal visual component to the Ithaca music scene. She currently sells her artwork through the acclaimed website, Check her out:
Fellow local artist, Jesse Hill, has a eye for both music and art. He writes, “I often incorporate music into my painting. Use of color, hue, and value is the melody. The brushstroke, texture, and size articulates the rhythym.” Jesse has shown his art at more than 20 exhibits in recent years, including the Sfumato art studio. He has also worked as a mural painter completing the Terranean Exit series on Cornell campus and private commissions.

Deep beatZ:
Gallery Night:
Sponsored by McNeil’s:
Gallery Night and Deep BeatZ are excited to continue their monthly music + art series at WildFire, our favorite lounge and bar! So after all your gallery hopping is done, come join us for the late-night edition…
About the MUSIC:
Opening the night will be special guest dj, Adam Vana. Adam is able to take his passion for all things sonorous and create beautiful dj sets that weave multiple genres seamlessly. Unafraid to delve into the leftfield, his sets have combined ambient, krautrock, dub, avant-jazz, psychedelic leanings and have included such seemingly disparate artists as Moondog and Biosphere. Audiard is local DJ Soren Jahan’s deep/dubby music production half. He weaves together abstract textures, heavily filtered synthesizers and driving beats to create a dark, cinematic experience.
Deep beatZ resident, David Ezra Brown, is a master at composing and sculpting sound live. Trained as a drummer, Dave is an extremely versatile musician, deftly weaving elements of jazz, hip-hop, idm, and noise. Armed with a laptop and some synths, he creates luscious beats that exist somewhere in realm between Luke Vibert and acid jazz.
Rounding out the night will be fellow Deep BeatZ resident, Laika. DJ Laika has a penchant for combining lush, sexy sounds with a good dose of edgy-ness and futurism. Taking inspiration from scenes in London, Berlin, and Krakow, to name a few, Laika combines bass-heavy sounds from techno, tech-house, and dubstep to create sets that are perfect for the dancefloor yet still sonically interesting.

Art After Hours @ WildFire is a new monthly music + art series brought to you by local electronic and experimental music collective, Deep beatZ, and Ithaca’s Gallery Night. With a focus on underground and emerging talent, we aim to showcase the very best in community creativity, all in a relaxed, intimate setting.


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