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I painted live tonight for the 4th annual Ithaca Festival Paint Off 2010. I was among 25 other artist that were given one hour to paint live in front of an audience. This was not a competition, but a fundraiser for the Ithaca Festival 2010. 5 artist paintings were chosen to be live auctioned off shortly after the hour time limit for completion. The other 20 artist artwork was donated then raffled off to the crowd with whom ever had the lucky raffle ticket.

I was not chosen as the one of the 5 artist to have their painting auctioned off live. There were some great paintings that one that recognition. Among the five was artist Kateyn Inman. Inman’s painting was auctioned off at almost $300! Inman also had a lucky raffle ticket and chose to take home my painting. I am very humbled.

I painted along side a few artist and kept shaking the table. Sorry! I tend to move the canvas a lot when using particular techniques. I chose to have a similar theme and style as one of my archive artworks “He woke me up again”. I chose this theme because I believe it captures the beauty of nature and realism, yet strikes you with abstract expression. My boyfriend really encourages and appreciates this style. Thanks darlin!

Over all, the event went faster than I thought it would. I thought the hour would drag, but when your painting, it flies. I completed my painting in 40 min. I’m getting good at this live art stuff! So, I grabbed my camera and strolled around and captured some shots of the other artists. I appreciated the interaction that onlookers would engage while strolling around. I was given a boat load of positive feedback.Thanks everyone! A great event and a huge turn out. I am proud to be part of a great community of artist and art fans alike.

For more photos check out my picasa web album. Check out my website, and check out my facebook and email me for updates and new artwork! Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “post paint off

    1. mtowsand Post author

      i did! this is my 5th or 6th time in the last 6 months I have painted live. Its an incredible hurdle to overcome. Once you do, it’s an awesome accomplishment!

  1. Elayne

    Meredith, you inspire me! Also, saw your work @ Gimme Coffee, they’re so beautiful, you are very ,very talented. But I beg, please don’t give up your day job yet! In that regard, you are also very talented!

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