Deep BeatZ, The Ithaca Post and MUSIC=ART presents LOVE

MUSIC=ART with be presenting a Gallery Night: Art After Hours: Ithaca Inside show,  along with good friends of mine Deep BeatZ and The Ithaca Post.

Im not a big dancer, but this will be an event NOT TO MISS!

Reasons why: 

1. Its FREE admission with an Ithaca Festival Inside Pass

2. FIVE AMAZING dj’s, including my frineds Laika, and Jesse Hill! (click on there names for a sample of music!)

3. You can become part of the night by submitting  your own photos to

     they will then be projected on a large screen for all to see(see more info below)


5.  and the obvious…. DANCE PARTY’s are FUN!!!!!!

Come support MUSIC=ART and your community!

***LOVE needs YOU! – A Call for Community Photos***
Be a part of the Ithaca Festival!  Send us your favorite pictures of past
parties in Ithaca, gallery nights, past Ithaca Festivals, favorite Ithaca
artwork, art festivals outside of Ithaca, anything that celebrates music,
art, and/ or community or any combination!  We will include them in a
massive slideshow during the event and devote this to night to you, Ithaca!

Poster Art by Meredith Towsand(me)


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