Photo Journal

As some of you may know, last week my lovely boyfriend and I traveled to Boulder, CO,  Bend and Portland, OR. We visited friends and explored the west( it was my first time, and I lost track of how many times my boyfriend has traveled to each place previously).  We had so much fun with great company, good food, and amazing landscapes.   

While on this adventure I made sure to take a bunch of photos to share with all of you!(741 to be exact) With so many photos, it’s easy to shuffle through them without pausing to appriciate  the beauty of each moment.

So, my plan is to post a few photos a day with a possible thought of what was happening within the picture, who we were with, where we were, etc.

I love to enhance, crop and edit photos, it’s the artist within. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do so. Thus, most of what you will see is unedited, uncropped, taken-just-like-you-see-them…RAW photos.   

I know what your thinking….These photos are not the typical MUSIC=ART posts. Well, I will share before you look, each place we went, each person we met, each event we attended was a bouquet of amazing musicians and artists. Before heading to the west, I recall hearing that Portland, OR and Boulder, CO were these great “epicenters for music and art”(one of the many reasons why my boyfriend, a musician, and I, an artist,  took this trip).  

So, please open your minds to the variety of shapes, sizes and colors that MUSIC and ART come in. And know that my mission is still strong and and true to find, explore, and capture MUSIC and ART and to share what I find with you.


The famous Kaia waffles! Home-made, gluten-free, and banana waffles topped with strawberries, bananas and coconut milk with maple syrup. Made by our lovely and beautiful friend Kaia in Boulder, CO.

I read the book The Last Lecture while traveling. My beautiful sister gave it to me for my birthday. I highly recommend it!


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