WOW, what a great summer it has been! The weather has been beautiful lately, bringing beautiful nature alive. I hope summer is going great for you.

Lately I have been busy with making all new artwork and products. Here are some photos of while I was working and completed work. 

These photos are feature my NEW ARTWORK and NEW ITEMS to be launched on my website and my Etsy shop this SUNDAY JUNE 27th!

Hand-cut stamps. Made by cutting foam paper then gluing onto old cd cases. I use these for printing on stationary and fabric like..

I also have been cutting my own envelopes and note-cards

and stamping, painting or drawing on them

Another simple and beautiful thing I have been loving to do is take flowers, leaves, herbs and plants

and press them in between books

then sealing between wax paper and making cards

Its been pretty insane here at my house baking cookies for special orders

and fathers day, birthdays, etc. I have been non-stop with cutting and cooking.

Please be sure to visit my website and my etsy shop

Some good music I have been listening to while busy at home is Elvis Perkins, Karen Elson, Real Estate, DeathCab For Cutie, and recently watched a great guitar movie featuring guitar gurus Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge in It Might Get Loud.



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