I can’t believe only 5 days until August!

It has been a hot summer this year, keeping me indoors creating artwork, reading, listening to music, cooking, laughing, loving and centering myself.  

Lately, I have been hand-printing, stamping, and experimenting with new avenues. I love the simplicity and functionality of these pieces. 

I still find myself coming back to what I love the most, drawing and painting.

Today I printed up business cards and flyers for my shows coming up.

 As I mentioned in the last post, I have an art show this Friday and Saturday at Spark Contemporary Art Space for an ART MUSIC PEOPLE show. Nick and I are super excited about it.

I went this Sunday to drop off my paintings to the organizer and founder of ART MUSIC PEOPLE, Agata. I love this girl! She is an artist as well, with the ambition to create amazing, non-profit events with really awesome turnouts. Check out her work and mine at the show!

After the long list of things to do(and only crossing off a few), I came home from yoga and made a sugar scrub. I made it with brown sugar, olive oil, and chopped up strawberries. Next time I will add a bit of honey.  

Strawberries are really great for your complexion, olive oil moisturizes and smooths your skin, and the sugar exfoliates. Its edible too!! This scrub worked really well at getting some of that summer skin off, preparing myself for August.

Reminds me of a song by Death Cab For Cutie called Summer Skin.


4 thoughts on “SUMMER SKIN

  1. popcornsnaps

    just don’t eat the scrub after it sits on your face!! really gives a new meaning to eating my face…..


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