90+ degree weather made it easy to stay inside and keep cool…and busy with artwork. I don’t think my freckles reached full capacity this year. To make up for lost rays I headed outside  to absorb as much beautiful sunlight as I could possible soak up. 

Most of the work I created this summer you can now find for sale on My Etsy Shop and at Craft Chemistry in Syracuse, NY. This collection of work is focused on hand-made, cut, stamped and painted quality inspired by beauty, color, simple, and modern designs that make for a lovely gift to yourself or someone special.

My girlfriends and I had our first craft day! We each worked on a project individually while keeping each other company. It was so much fun. My friend Kali made beautiful hair clips, that I absolutely loved and encouraged her to sell on etsy. What do you guys think? I love  them!

One of my favorite summer albums this year has been Oh, Nostalgia by Michelle Blades. The ukulele is quite beautiful with her voice. Enjoy!


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