Hand-cut and designed stamps of birds in flight. Pressed on cards and notebooks.

Beginning as a day-dream, now flourished to an obsession accompanied by vivid dreams and perhaps reality. I have dreamt of being a bird. Part human, part bird. I simply flap my wings/arms and begin to lift up with great ease and grace. I am around my human friends flying in the sky and they act as if this is normal. I sing beautiful songs, perch on my favorite tree, and fly to the highest building.

In reality I still daydream of becoming a bird, or waking up some day with the super-human power to fly. I am learning how to sing better, maybe someday I can sing a beautiful as a bird. I leave in an airplane tomorrow morning for Chicago. Look out my fellow birds and my beautiful blue sky, bird in training coming thru.  

 Music I have been  listening to is Arcarde Fire’s new album The Suburbs and Familial, a new solo album  by Philip Selway(the drummer from Radiohead). Enjoy!


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