Today my artwork is officially on exhibit @ Fine Line Bistro in Ithaca, NY! What a relief to have everything in its right place.

I began preparing for the show over a month ago (neglecting my blog was easy). Begining  with large canvases

then finishing with hand-made wooden frames (something I always wanted to do).

So many ideas of a title for the collection were swirling through my thoughts as I crept closer and closer to completing the work. I wanted the title to capture the process of how this artwork is created.  I couldn’t think of how to put it in words, so I asked my fiance what he thought. He said it was intresting watching the artwork transform, beginning as one painting, then was reborn into another. He said it was like the art was reincarnated. Brilliant.

INCARNATION                                                                                                                               An exhibit by Meredith Towsand                                                                                             On display @ Fine Line Bistro                                                                                         October 17th-Christmas 2010

Drum roll…

While creating my artwork, I listened to and  was heavily inspired by music from the Portland, OR band Lovers and by the latest album “Teen Dream” by Beach House.  

I will be hosting an opening for my exhibit in November. I will post the date asap! Check back here, MUSIC=ART, for the scheduled opening date and time. For more up-to-date news, photos and more please visit my facebook, website, and flickr.

Any questions, comments, ideas? Email me




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