The Perfect Gift ART SALE

It’s that time of year that we all begin to search for “The Perfect Gift“. The gift that reflects everything you love about your special someone. A gift that says that you inspire me endlessly. Something thoughtful, beautiful, and creative…just like them, right?

Well, I think I can help.

Now til Christmas I will be making it easy for you to get that perfect gift. Visit my Esty Shop today and receive 15% off you purchase! Simply enter the sales code HOHOHO when you check out of Etsy.

I will taking special orders for AURA paintings.

Here is a painting that was  special ordered from my lovely friend Natasha. PINK AURA


I will also be taking special orders on the “bird on a wire” style paintings too!


You pick the color, size and price. I will then begin to make a one of a kind gift painting for you!  

I will also be a busy as an elf creating personalized orders like drawings, calligraphy, hand-printed t-shirts, cards, journals, tote-bags and more.

Have an  idea for a gift?  I love special orders and customizing things, its makes it that much more special! See something you like and want to make an offer, well, do it.

Visit my blog weekly to view new items and ideas that I will be busy whipping up just in time for Christmas. Check out my website for a full portfolio.

Have you seen a painting at one of my exhibits and was interested? Good News: all previously shown artwork is now 50% off!!!

Here are a few that are now half price!

The Space Between was $650, NOW $325!

He Woke Me Up Again was $550, NOW $275!

Yellow Aura was $550, NOW $275!

Infected Heart was $950, NOW $475!

Shades of Grey was $950, NOW $475

Please email me with inquiries, questions, ideas, comments and more at Hurry, before they sell out!

Happy Holidays!!


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift ART SALE

  1. Maria D. McMahon

    Hi Meredith,

    This piece – like all your work – is amazing!

    I just want to say how delighted I am to have met you – to see your artwork, read your blog and see you at work on my daughter’s hair. You are an artist in every sense of the word – and you sing too?

    I took tons of pictures of Lea and posted on facebook. All kinds of oohs and ahs and Lea commented to one poster that “the person who did my hair is my idol!”

    If you’d like some pics, let me know and I can send. They are stunning!

    So, WOW – keep making art in its many manifestations!!

    1. Meredith Towsand Post author

      Hi Maria, It a pleasure to have met you and your daughter! Thanks for the lovely words, you have truly made my day.
      It is a blessing to hear what your daughter said too, It fills my soul!

      Your daughter is gorgeous. I viewed the pictures on facebook. She is a goddess. Look out mom! I actually was able to grab the photos directly from facebook.
      I will be posting them today.

      Thank you so much fo everything. I will check out your artowkr on your website too. I will alos link you to my blog and website.
      I hope to see you very soon! And let me know whenever you have your next show!


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