The Books

Visual people like visual inspiration. Books and magazines are one of my favorite ways to get the fix.  I love to wander through the library, book store and convenance shop looking at DIY books, comics, art zines, cook books and so on. I also like nothing better than to get instant visuals from blogs and websites that have amazing art. Here are a few of my favorite thing:

How to make books by Esther K. Smith of Purgatory Pie Press

Mushroom Girl Virus by Deanne Y. Cheuk (although I never had a physical copy, I love the her work and want to share her beautiful illustrations-see below)

Pikabooks: a website featuring several handmade books by amazing artists. Their mission is even better:  A portion of sales from our limited edition series will go towards First Book – an organization that provides books to children in developing countries in an effort to eradicate illiteracy. Here are some images of the books:


Jenny Meilihove: an amazing illustrator, book maker and inspiration to me. Some of her work is included below. But to get the full experience of her and her tiny world, visit her website by clicking on her name above.

This last picture above is just a glimpse into Jenny Meilihove sketch book. So brave. I would compare that action to standing naked in front of someone. I rarely show my sketch book. Ok, Ok. Here is one picture of a comic I have been working on:

and a book I made with a home-made recycled paper cover, sketch paper within, and twining to hold it together.

and of course, the inspiration behind the title of the blog: The Books check out their video below. So beautiful.


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