5 Daily Essentials

(clockwise from left) 1.) The jade purse. I have been using this purse for two or three years now. Its beginning to rip at one end of the strap, one of many reasons why I should get a new one. 

2.) Books of paper. Sketchbook: to document ideas, calender: to organize, and notepad: to remember. 2.5) And of course prismacolor pens and pencils to draw and record with grace.   

3.) My all-time favorite lipstick by Aveda in passionflower or cherrybud. I do not go out in public without a little color.  

4.) A silk screen-printed canvas tote bag to carry everything in, including the purse. I am always proud to sport something I made.

5.) And lastly..winter gear. I don’t where everyone is from, but I am from New York. Ithaca, NY to be exact. And it is damn cold here and you cannot go out in this snowy, cold, and windy weather without gloves, a hat and scarf. You will freezzzzzze.

My dear friend Natasha tagged me, so I felt happy to contribute my list of what I need to get by. Of course, there were several other lists that emerged in my thoughts… like what I need to survive in modern-day: computer, phone, car, food and money. What I need to survive if I had everything on my modern-day list: flowers, love, beauty, music, and food.   

Ok, this is a game of tag…so I tag Heidi, Heather, and Anna. You’re it.


3 thoughts on “5 Daily Essentials

      1. popcornsnaps

        hhha, yes, so foolish! but that would have been an almost embarrassing amount of items: scarf (sometimes two), gloves (never matching), big furry hat, thick hiking socks (of questionable cleanliness), 2 thick wool sweaters at a time. i have finally mastered the art of winter dressing! now, if only i could make it look somewhat cute, too….

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