“You make your guitar scream out the words you can’t, you let that old piano do your crying and you chew your knuckles bloody out of joy, out of desire, out of sorrow and of rage, and you do it like Dag för Dag, day by day. ” (Bebban Stenborg Los Angeles, October 2008).

Dag för Dag is a band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their first communal noise was made September 2007, and after a quick jaunt practicing, they hit the road for all of 2008, sharing the stage with some mighty awesome bands (Wolf Parade, The Kills, Lykke Li, Shout Out Louds). (Last Fm)

Upon listening to their latest release, BOO, I was quickly hooked on the dynamic female vocals that were smooth as glass complemented with catchy male vocals, incredible guitars tone, and sounds that filled my ears with layers of beauty and story that created an internal movie that I didn’t want to turn off. Listen to their entire album for free on their website here.  


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