STUDIO MUSIC: Florence + The Machine

WOW. I am in love with Florence + The Machine. As I begin singing in the choir and learning how it feels to sing on stage for the first time, Florence is truly an inspiration to me.

[It wasn’t until she wrote the haunting ‘Between Two Lungs’ that it all came
together. Instead of percussion, Florence pounded the studio walls with her
hands. She built the melody on the piano even though it’s not an instrument she
knows how to play, and recorded the backing vocals first, before writing the top
line. It’s bonkers and totally unconventional, but of course it is also glorious
– a strange but yearning song about losing yourself in love.   “I’d found my
voice, and I just felt euphoric,” she recalls. “It’s been a real process of me
learning that the way I wanted to do it was actually the right way. This whole
album has been about having faith in myself.”]-Florence + The Machine


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