It All Starts On Your Block: A Multi-Media Exhibit

You are invited to the opening reception of an Multi-Media Exhibit of photography,
paintings and video featuring The Unity Studio on Friday, July 1, 2011
from 5-8pm at the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA), 330 East
State Street, Ithaca, NY. This exhibit will run through July and August
Unity Studio is a non-profit recording studio and program of Ithaca’s
historic Southside Community Center. The Studio serves as a hub for
hundreds of aspiring rappers, producers, musicians and audio engineers;
offers after-school classes to area students and high-end, free
recording services to Ithaca residents. Its mission is to support
under-served musicians of all ages by teaching the most up-to-date
software and providing support in all facets of music production.
Thanks to a generous grant from the Community Arts Partnership in
Ithaca, New York, visual artists Prantik Mazumder (photography),
Meredith Towsand (painting) and Enrique Caicedo (videography) have
collaborated to portray the power of the work happening at Unity Studio.
The goals for this project were simple: to expose Unity Studio to a
broader audience, thus increasing its class size and diversity, to give
students a chance to explain what they’re working on and why it’s
important to them and lastly, to give students a chance to be
photographed, interviewed or painted; a rare opportunity.
The artists worked closely with Unity Studio Program Coordinator, Dani
DiCiaccio to ensure their artistic vision fit with the mission of Unity
Studio. Through many visits to Southside both with and without cameras,
the artists were able to create an accurate, detailed and emotional
show. Remember: It All Starts On Your Block.
Invite and share with your friends.
Check out our stories on The Ithaca Post and The Ithaca Times!
(Above paintings by Meredith Towsand)

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