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TONIGHT: The Sound Awake at The Chapter House 10pm

I am super pumped about the show tonight: The Sound Awake at The Chapter House at 10pm. Be there, your mind will thank you.



Turning 30

In January, I celebrated my 30th birthday.

We hosted a potluck with some really delicious food and beautiful friends on Saturday. Sasha’s food/cookies were the talk of the night. Only thing missing was Natasha!


On Sunday, my lovely husband made me breakfast while listening to Chopin.

The sun was poking through.

Nick and I furthered our day in pajamas, movies and homemade pizza. A short visit from my mother, neices and nephew topped the cake. Literally.

Turning 30 was amazing.

Happy Birthday to my sister Melissa and Mandie, their birthdays were recently too.

The Perfect Gift ART SALE

It’s that time of year that we all begin to search for “The Perfect Gift“. The gift that reflects everything you love about your special someone. A gift that says that you inspire me endlessly. Something thoughtful, beautiful, and creative…just like them, right?

Well, I think I can help.

Now til Christmas I will be making it easy for you to get that perfect gift. Visit my Esty Shop today and receive 15% off you purchase! Simply enter the sales code HOHOHO when you check out of Etsy.

I will taking special orders for AURA paintings.

Here is a painting that was  special ordered from my lovely friend Natasha. PINK AURA


I will also be taking special orders on the “bird on a wire” style paintings too!


You pick the color, size and price. I will then begin to make a one of a kind gift painting for you!  

I will also be a busy as an elf creating personalized orders like drawings, calligraphy, hand-printed t-shirts, cards, journals, tote-bags and more.

Have an  idea for a gift?  I love special orders and customizing things, its makes it that much more special! See something you like and want to make an offer, well, do it.

Visit my blog weekly to view new items and ideas that I will be busy whipping up just in time for Christmas. Check out my website for a full portfolio.

Have you seen a painting at one of my exhibits and was interested? Good News: all previously shown artwork is now 50% off!!!

Here are a few that are now half price!

The Space Between was $650, NOW $325!

He Woke Me Up Again was $550, NOW $275!

Yellow Aura was $550, NOW $275!

Infected Heart was $950, NOW $475!

Shades of Grey was $950, NOW $475

Please email me with inquiries, questions, ideas, comments and more at Hurry, before they sell out!

Happy Holidays!!


The begining of The Unity Project.

Unity Project was created by 4 artists, including myself, to help bring attention to a wonderful, free, and inspiring community music recording studio called UNITY STUDIO. Thats right, its FREE.
The project is funded by the CAP II GRANT of 2010.

More to come….


90+ degree weather made it easy to stay inside and keep cool…and busy with artwork. I don’t think my freckles reached full capacity this year. To make up for lost rays I headed outside  to absorb as much beautiful sunlight as I could possible soak up. 

Most of the work I created this summer you can now find for sale on My Etsy Shop and at Craft Chemistry in Syracuse, NY. This collection of work is focused on hand-made, cut, stamped and painted quality inspired by beauty, color, simple, and modern designs that make for a lovely gift to yourself or someone special.

My girlfriends and I had our first craft day! We each worked on a project individually while keeping each other company. It was so much fun. My friend Kali made beautiful hair clips, that I absolutely loved and encouraged her to sell on etsy. What do you guys think? I love  them!

One of my favorite summer albums this year has been Oh, Nostalgia by Michelle Blades. The ukulele is quite beautiful with her voice. Enjoy!