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Vinyl Junkie

I LOVE the feeling of purchasing new vinyl, opening it, devouring it cover-to-cover and painting my room with noise from Side A to finish, as intended. It’s like tapping into my personal portal of emotions, inspirations and beauty that can only be accessed when I listen to a record. It’s like a drug that heals me and gives me strength. Kind of like a super power. A super power to create art, grow and become my dream.

This is why I buy music. Real hold-in-your-hands music. Vinyl preferably, but a CD will do.

I originally started writing this post for one reason; The Sound Awake (my husbands) band is releasing their latest album on vinyl and CD! I am so excited for him and want to find any way possible to get the word out. Please help spread the word and if you want dibs on some free stuff like Original Artwork Vinyl (created by me and a few other artist), House Shows (that’s right, they will come and play your house show!),hand written lyrics and more. Click on the video to the right to watch as The Sound Awake explains their campaign and gives you a taste of their sound.


Mail Art Project with Hazel Wonderland

Don’t you LOVE the feeling of going to the mailbox and finding a package just for you?! I definitely do.
I also love to trade with other artists, like my friend Marie. She made me an origami square in trade for a hair cut.
(photos by me)
After being intrigued and inspired by other artists doing Mail Art…
(images by Good things)
I have decided to start my own Project.
So, here are the details:
What is Mail Art:
Mail Art is a worldwide cultural movement that began in the early 1960s and involves sending visual art (but also music, sound art, poetry, etc.) through the international postal system. Mail Art is also known as Postal Art or Correspondence Art. The term networking is often used to describe Mail Art activities, based on the principles of barter and equal one-to-one collaboration.
To learn more about the super cool history of Mail Art, click here.
How it works:
– Email me your address to .
– I then save your address in my little black book and mail you an original piece of Mail Art. You may even receive other fun FREE stuff in the future!
– I create a one-of-a-kind package and ship it to you.
– You receive it, you love it, you enjoy it and you keep it!
– In return, you send Mail Art back to me. No pressure, purchase or artistic talent needed.
Why am I doing this:
To meet, collaborate, create, inspire and network with people from all over the world like you!
If I receive Mail Art, I will share it with the world (facebook, twitter, blog and/or more)! In return you may do the same with the helpful links and names below and/or by posting a photo of your Mail Art package from Hazel Wonderland, remember to tag me!
Links for sharing:
Instagram: hazelwonderland
Twitter: HazelWStudio
Pinterest: mtowsand
Want to trade, or participate in my mail art project? Simply email ( ) me your address or proposal for trade. I can’t wait to meet you!

A Walk in the Woods


A walk in the woods is one of the most inspiring and exciting places for me. Growing up in the country, I was always outside in the woods, creek or corn fields. I often forget how and amazing being outside can be. Beautiful colors, light, shapes, rodents, flowers and mysterious noises expand my thoughts and heart to an unbelievable place of endless ideas, creations, and inspiration.

I must go outside more.



New inspirations and ideas below:


My Husband and I designed and silk-screen printed t-shirts, for our family, for Christmas this year. Team WolfBird!



Wedding Invitation Design for a lovely bride in Australia. She had so many great ideas!

And a Ren & Stimpy themed holiday card, for the child in me.

An exciting package

After a wonderful date night dinner at Mercato, my husband and I arrived home to find a package waiting for us.

Its incredible that a years worth of Nick’s hard work can be squeezed on to these beautiful little download cards! Get your own tape and download card at The Sound Awake’s Album/Tape Release Party, with BLOW! and Angry Mom Records,  at The Chapter House next Saturday, November 5,  at 9pm. Check out The Sound Awake’s new website by clicking here.

*The Sound Awake’s album art and website design is by yours truly

Hazel Wonderland

Two weeks ago, I opened up a new Etsy shop, specializing in custom calligraphy, artwork and design for weddings and businesses.

I have already had over 20 orders and more than 100 inquiries. I am currently designing a logo for See Green, a beautiful and talented jewelry maker in Ithaca, check her out:

To see my work, go to:

Oh, and a few more things since my last post: I joined a band, officially became Meredith C. Bullock and I got a new camera!

What have you been up to lately?

Project: Unity

I have been working on a painting, for a project, after I recieved a grant in early 2010. The grant was given to Prantik, Enrique and myself and the project is to help shine light on Unity Studio. Unity Studio is a recording studio located in Ithaca, NY at the Southside Community Center.

The exhibit for this show will begin July 1st at The CSMA. In the show you can expect to see photographs taken by Prantik, video taken by Enrique and paintings done by me.