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An exciting package

After a wonderful date night dinner at Mercato, my husband and I arrived home to find a package waiting for us.

Its incredible that a years worth of Nick’s hard work can be squeezed on to these beautiful little download cards! Get your own tape and download card at The Sound Awake’s Album/Tape Release Party, with BLOW! and Angry Mom Records,  at The Chapter House next Saturday, November 5,  at 9pm. Check out The Sound Awake’s new website by clicking here.

*The Sound Awake’s album art and website design is by yours truly


STUDIO MUSIC: The Black Angels

A psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas, The Black Angels, releases a limited edition 10”vinyl B-Sides collection titled ‘PHOSGENE NIGHTMARE’ on Blue Horizon Records(Fleetwood Mac!) in support of Record Store Day. Only 5000 copies of the record will be available on Saturday April 16th throughout Europe and North America on collectible white vinyl that also comes packed with an MP3 download card featuring all 6 tracks.

Explaining the release, guitarist Christian Bland says – “’Phosgene Nightmare’ is 6 more dreams recorded during the ‘Phosphene Dream’ sessions. The 6 dreams were specifically saved as an epilogue to the full length album and help to complete the story that was presented thru the full length album. The 6 ‘nightmares’ explore the poisonous side of life, if we lose focus on the light that exists in the darkness.”*

I scored myself a copy on Record Store Day from Angry Mom Records.

Cool band fact:  the band’s name derives from the Velvet Underground song “The Black Angel’s Death Song“. 

*content borrowed from Loud Horizon

Music inspired

Last weekend Nick Bullock played at Angry Mom Records for the Record Store Day Celebration. For those of you who do not know, that’s a day when a lot of records are released. So, record collectors come from all over to shop and find new releases.


I was lucky enough to catch the very end of the show, in fact the last song. I walked in and half of the people in the record store were gathered around in a corner. I hurried back to find Nick Bullock announcing this would be his last song.
An acoustic electric guitar in hand and an electric guitar waiting in the wings, Nick begins to play an original song with an energy that fills the room. Feet begin to tap, smiles begin to widen, and we begin to feel inspired.

Records fill the store from corner to corner with records of musicians that have done this before. Stood in front of a crowd, and showed you their heart. They give you a piece of their mind, and soul. A vision. This inspires me. I am in awe at the courage and strength it takes to show yourself.

I can relate to the feeling of being naked in front of the world, to show something you only share through your creative vision. My solo exhibit Naked Emotion is coming to a close this weekend. I have created a collection of paintings of my emotion. I stood on stage and poured my heart out. I have given you a piece of my soul.


Please check out Nick Bullock on his myspace and my exhibit Naked Emotion at Just A Taste in Ithaca, NY.

And if you are a musician or artist that would like to share your story of inspiration, or just talk about your creative output on music=art , send me a message.  I will be interviewing the creative minds and sharing their stories here on music=art, so stay tuned!

Now, go Inspire.

prime real estate

from our good friend george at angry mom records,  a record recomendation worth sharing: 

 “Real Estate waft in on vibes of hazy summers past.  The New Jersey quartet of Martin Courtney IV, Matthew Mondanile III, Etienne Pierre Duguay and Alex Bleeker cut the sleeves short and the pop smooth to shade you from the midday heat.  Every song works its way to that part of your consciousness that reveled in the fleeting waves of freedom that eked in once classes broke and the sun lingered a little longer over suburban roofs. And with three quarters of the band holding down Garden State roots its no surprise that a bit of Jersey indie-pop heritage sneaks its way into their sound, lifting the most sun streaked moments from The Feelies and Yo La Tengo and filtering them through the kaleidoscope of memories aimless drives through parched neighborhood streets.  Martin Courtney’s songwriting has a way of wrapping up the immediacy of youth with the ennui of age for the perfect shade of bittersweet bliss, mind you though, much heavier on the sweet than the bitter. Add to this Mondanile’s (Ducktails/ Predator Vision) shimmering guitar strains full of equal parts sea foam and beer foam, pepper in the boardwalk clatter of Duguay’s drums Bleeker’s staccato low end and the perfect afternoon is just a lawn chair and boom box away.”-Andy French / Raven Sings The Blues

my boyfriend and I have given a few turns and we  enjoy the unique sound real estate creates. check it out for yourself or buy one for yourself. enjoy!