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Dream Big: Band Identity, Marketing & Merchandise

MUSIC=ART is the idea that music inspires art. A simple equation.

As an artist inspired by music, I love to to create art to music and for music. I began expressing this passion, for music inspired art, when I began working with my husband’s band, The Sound Awake.

We sat down, spoke about his ideas, expectations, dreams and we created a vision, an identity. I have helped him/them create their website, merchandise, photography, promotional materials, marketing and more.

I’m an artist, entrepreneur, cook, wife and I’m easy to talk to. Say hello meredithtowsand@gmail.com

Digital Download Card design

Album Artwork Design and Printing

Posters, design and printing

Merchandise Suitcase, fully stocked

Custom Design Silk- Screen, hand-printed t-shirts


Girl Crushin’ singer/songwriter Molly Hamilton of Widowspeak

Her voice, hair, outfits and talent are incredible. Read more about Widowspeak here and here.

This is great…”she often resembles Madder Rose singer Mary Lorson.” [pitchfork]


love the album artwork by John Stortz

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/27242834]


Weekend Recap

A Wedding Masquerade

A visit to Herbert F. Johnson Museum Of Art for “Look and Listen”

Ah, fall.

My husband sporting his new iPhone case with my art work on it.

Keir Neuringer killing it at Culture Shock (nice website!) on Sunday.



The Horde & The Harem

A few months ago, I received a lovely email from Jack, of The Horde and The Harem, asking if they could use my artwork for their new album, Light Rail Sessions. Flattered, I accepted in exchange for a copy of the album, and perhaps a future gig trade. After several emails and jpeg adjustments, here is what the Seattle, WA natives came up with.

“The Horde and the Harem are a ragged band of untrustables hailing from the Pacific Northwest. They boast four voices that combine in harmony over a solid rhythm section. Surrounded on all sides by sizzling and sputtering guitars, and anchored into place by the weight and grace of the piano. The results are thick layers of melody that infiltrate your senses, lodging themselves in your brain and cursing you with their inherent catchiness.”-[thehordeandtheharem.com]


I am close to memorizing the lyrics of this album TRANSIT, TRANSIT by Autolux. I discovered it on this website that gives you ten fresh, full, new and cherry picked albums every ten days called Spinner.com. BONUS…ITS FREE.

Sunshine, flowers in bloom, and brightness of summer is beautiful and visually inspiring. Almost a vacation from creating. When I hear music that brings me back to that place of dark, moody, distorted, black, winter, depressed and unexpected I am able to imagine  new ideas for artwork.

The cover artwork is equally inspiring. Visual artist Mark Whalen (aka Kill Pixie) is the one responsible for the work. His work uses a select color combination with a collage, cartoon style that I really admire.

Here the drummer and vocalist, Carla Azar, is fixing her hair . What I would give to be a hired hairdresser for musicians like her. So beautiful.