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TONIGHT: The Sound Awake at The Chapter House 10pm

I am super pumped about the show tonight: The Sound Awake at The Chapter House at 10pm. Be there, your mind will thank you.



Dream Big: Band Identity, Marketing & Merchandise

MUSIC=ART is the idea that music inspires art. A simple equation.

As an artist inspired by music, I love to to create art to music and for music. I began expressing this passion, for music inspired art, when I began working with my husband’s band, The Sound Awake.

We sat down, spoke about his ideas, expectations, dreams and we created a vision, an identity. I have helped him/them create their website, merchandise, photography, promotional materials, marketing and more.

I’m an artist, entrepreneur, cook, wife and I’m easy to talk to. Say hello meredithtowsand@gmail.com

Digital Download Card design

Album Artwork Design and Printing

Posters, design and printing

Merchandise Suitcase, fully stocked

Custom Design Silk- Screen, hand-printed t-shirts

Girl Crushin’ singer/songwriter Molly Hamilton of Widowspeak

Her voice, hair, outfits and talent are incredible. Read more about Widowspeak here and here.

This is great…”she often resembles Madder Rose singer Mary Lorson.” [pitchfork]


love the album artwork by John Stortz

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/27242834]



After spending a week falling in love with Big Scary’s compilation record Four Seasons,  I finally purchased it. I love this record and wanted to share it with you!

About the Band: Originally from Melborne, VIC Australia, Gorgeous girl drummer meets Beautiful boy strummer. Big Scary is completely inspired by weather and influenced by Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Jeff Buckley.

“Big in its ambition and almost scary in its scope, depth and range, Big Scary’s music knows no boundaries, moving effortlessly between howling, fuzzed-out garage rock, intricate, pastoral piano and sublime rainy-day ballads. Beginning in 2006, Iansek and Syme started making music with acoustic guitars and egg shakers. After a year-long break, the two returned to the still-unnamed project in 2008 with new ideas and new instruments—electric guitars and drum kits and mandolins and ukuleles. Unconcerned with any notion of genre, and drawing on their formal training-Iansek in piano, Syme in jazz drumming—the two let their writing take them where it may. This process, then as now, continues onto the stage, where Iansek and Syme’s remarkable chemistry allows them to play each song as they feel it in the moment, to follow searing rock numbers with exquisite hushed balladry.”[TheBigScary]

About the Music: “In mid 2010, the band released the first of four seasonally themed, limited-edition EPs. With these releases, Big Scary showed themselves capable of translating the vagaries and glories of each season-the flurry of rich colour in autumn, the quiet bleakness of winter, the renewal of spring, the majesty of a summer thunderstorm—into utterly compelling music, as full of heart as it is free of pretension. In February 2011 all four EPs were compiled onto one LP as ‘The Big Scary Four Seasons”[triplejunearthed].

Check out their video below:

STUDIO MUSIC: Summer People // Teamwork

After there well received album, Good Problems, released in 2010,  local favorites and friends, Summer People, will be releasing their sophomore full length album, Teamwork, on CD and iTunes March 3rd.

Check them out for yourselves here. Catch them live here:

3/3 Albany, NY @ Hudson River Coffee House, 

 3/4  Brooklyn, NY @ Emerald City

3/5 Lancaster, PA @ Deadset Collective, 20 Plum St.

3/6 Baltimore, MD @ The Annex, 419 E Oliver St.

3/7 Harrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile

3/8 TBD

3/9 Greenville, SC @ Suite 8

3/10 Atlanta, GA @ The Wonderroot

3/11 Birmingham, AL @ God’s Butt 

3/12 Hattiesburg, MS @ 1126 House

3/13 Baton Rouge, LA @ The Warehouse

3/14  Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land

3/15 San Marcos, TX @ Triple Crown

3/16 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Cherry Wood Coffee House 6 pm

3/17 Austin, TX @ TBA

3/18 Austin, TX @ SXSW – The Nine Mile (1st & Cesar Chavez) 1pm

 3/19 Austin, TX @ TBA

3/20 Austin, TX @ TBA

3/21 Midland, TX @ Pinebox

3/22 Lubbock, TX @ Whiskey Dix

3/23 Norman, OK @ 114 W. Main

3/24 Fayetteville, AR @ Smoke & Barrel