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Vinyl Junkie

I LOVE the feeling of purchasing new vinyl, opening it, devouring it cover-to-cover and painting my room with noise from Side A to finish, as intended. It’s like tapping into my personal portal of emotions, inspirations and beauty that can only be accessed when I listen to a record. It’s like a drug that heals me and gives me strength. Kind of like a super power. A super power to create art, grow and become my dream.

This is why I buy music. Real hold-in-your-hands music. Vinyl preferably, but a CD will do.

I originally started writing this post for one reason; The Sound Awake (my husbands) band is releasing their latest album on vinyl and CD! I am so excited for him and want to find any way possible to get the word out. Please help spread the word and if you want dibs on some free stuff like Original Artwork Vinyl (created by me and a few other artist), House Shows (that’s right, they will come and play your house show!),hand written lyrics and more. Click on the video to the right to watch as The Sound Awake explains their campaign and gives you a taste of their sound.


aisle 13

FRIDAY, February 5th, 2010

Gallery Night + Deep BeatZ present the debut of:
.:First Fridays @ WildFire:.

“intimate excursions into music + art…”

with MUSIC by:
Laika (DJ)
David Ezra Brown (LIVE)
Luddite Machine (DJ)

and ART (on the big screen) by:
Maciej Wojtkowiak (photography)
Meredith C. Towsand (photos/ stills)
James Spitznagel (digital stills)
Sophia Goehner (photos/ stills)

heres some photos of my own for a sneak peek!

the song aisle 13 by built to spill is a song that makes me think of visions that I imagine when they look at reality.