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A Walk in the Woods


A walk in the woods is one of the most inspiring and exciting places for me. Growing up in the country, I was always outside in the woods, creek or corn fields. I often forget how and amazing being outside can be. Beautiful colors, light, shapes, rodents, flowers and mysterious noises expand my thoughts and heart to an unbelievable place of endless ideas, creations, and inspiration.

I must go outside more.



New inspirations and ideas below:


My Husband and I designed and silk-screen printed t-shirts, for our family, for Christmas this year. Team WolfBird!



Wedding Invitation Design for a lovely bride in Australia. She had so many great ideas!

And a Ren & Stimpy themed holiday card, for the child in me.


Hazel Wonderland

Two weeks ago, I opened up a new Etsy shop, specializing in custom calligraphy, artwork and design for weddings and businesses.

I have already had over 20 orders and more than 100 inquiries. I am currently designing a logo for See Green, a beautiful and talented jewelry maker in Ithaca, check her out: http://www.seegreen.etsy.com/.

To see my work, go to: http://www.hazelwonderland.etsy.com/

Oh, and a few more things since my last post: I joined a band, officially became Meredith C. Bullock and I got a new camera!

What have you been up to lately?

The Horde & The Harem

A few months ago, I received a lovely email from Jack, of The Horde and The Harem, asking if they could use my artwork for their new album, Light Rail Sessions. Flattered, I accepted in exchange for a copy of the album, and perhaps a future gig trade. After several emails and jpeg adjustments, here is what the Seattle, WA natives came up with.

“The Horde and the Harem are a ragged band of untrustables hailing from the Pacific Northwest. They boast four voices that combine in harmony over a solid rhythm section. Surrounded on all sides by sizzling and sputtering guitars, and anchored into place by the weight and grace of the piano. The results are thick layers of melody that infiltrate your senses, lodging themselves in your brain and cursing you with their inherent catchiness.”-[thehordeandtheharem.com]

WedWed : Calligraphy

I love the look and thought that goes into hand calligraphy. What a great treasure to receive a hand-addressed envelope to a wedding.

Below is a stack of envelopes I have been working on for our wedding. Still a lot to go, sigh.

 I chose a simple yet elegant style font inspired by a favorite calligrapher and illustrator, Anna Bond aka Rifle Paper Co. Here is an example of her work that I LOVE…

Along with another favorite calligrapher and artist, Betsy Dunlap. I love the sharp and thin lines created by her lettering. So classy and interesting.

5 Daily Essentials

(clockwise from left) 1.) The jade purse. I have been using this purse for two or three years now. Its beginning to rip at one end of the strap, one of many reasons why I should get a new one. 

2.) Books of paper. Sketchbook: to document ideas, calender: to organize, and notepad: to remember. 2.5) And of course prismacolor pens and pencils to draw and record with grace.   

3.) My all-time favorite lipstick by Aveda in passionflower or cherrybud. I do not go out in public without a little color.  

4.) A silk screen-printed canvas tote bag to carry everything in, including the purse. I am always proud to sport something I made.

5.) And lastly..winter gear. I don’t where everyone is from, but I am from New York. Ithaca, NY to be exact. And it is damn cold here and you cannot go out in this snowy, cold, and windy weather without gloves, a hat and scarf. You will freezzzzzze.

My dear friend Natasha tagged me, so I felt happy to contribute my list of what I need to get by. Of course, there were several other lists that emerged in my thoughts… like what I need to survive in modern-day: computer, phone, car, food and money. What I need to survive if I had everything on my modern-day list: flowers, love, beauty, music, and food.   

Ok, this is a game of tag…so I tag Heidi, Heather, and Anna. You’re it.