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Print Giveaway

Today’s giveaway: “White Face”
Details: Limited Edition 8×10″ print, signed and titled.
To enter: enter email in comment box below or email us directly at hazelwonderlandstudio@gmail.com
Drawing Ends: 9/21/12, winner announced 9/24/12. No purchase necessary. All free.


The Horde & The Harem

A few months ago, I received a lovely email from Jack, of The Horde and The Harem, asking if they could use my artwork for their new album, Light Rail Sessions. Flattered, I accepted in exchange for a copy of the album, and perhaps a future gig trade. After several emails and jpeg adjustments, here is what the Seattle, WA natives came up with.

“The Horde and the Harem are a ragged band of untrustables hailing from the Pacific Northwest. They boast four voices that combine in harmony over a solid rhythm section. Surrounded on all sides by sizzling and sputtering guitars, and anchored into place by the weight and grace of the piano. The results are thick layers of melody that infiltrate your senses, lodging themselves in your brain and cursing you with their inherent catchiness.”-[thehordeandtheharem.com]


The song “Zebra” by Beach House inspired my exploration of the animal Zebra. 

I was curious about the mystery and beauty behind the black and white fur. I found that their skin is black underneath that mane and with each striping pattern unique to each individual, zebras can recognize one another by their stripes.

It reminded me of us humans and our hair. How beautiful, unique and colorful each person is. I love the art of hair. Here are some great illustrations of hair:

A New Hope by Mr. Bingo

Male Beard by Hannah Stouffer

Bridget by Nosideup

and a painting of the one the most romantic hair fairy tales:

Rapunzel by Stasia Burrington 

The Books

Visual people like visual inspiration. Books and magazines are one of my favorite ways to get the fix.  I love to wander through the library, book store and convenance shop looking at DIY books, comics, art zines, cook books and so on. I also like nothing better than to get instant visuals from blogs and websites that have amazing art. Here are a few of my favorite thing:

How to make books by Esther K. Smith of Purgatory Pie Press

Mushroom Girl Virus by Deanne Y. Cheuk (although I never had a physical copy, I love the her work and want to share her beautiful illustrations-see below)

Pikabooks: a website featuring several handmade books by amazing artists. Their mission is even better:  A portion of sales from our limited edition series will go towards First Book – an organization that provides books to children in developing countries in an effort to eradicate illiteracy. Here are some images of the books:


Jenny Meilihove: an amazing illustrator, book maker and inspiration to me. Some of her work is included below. But to get the full experience of her and her tiny world, visit her website by clicking on her name above.

This last picture above is just a glimpse into Jenny Meilihove sketch book. So brave. I would compare that action to standing naked in front of someone. I rarely show my sketch book. Ok, Ok. Here is one picture of a comic I have been working on:

and a book I made with a home-made recycled paper cover, sketch paper within, and twining to hold it together.

and of course, the inspiration behind the title of the blog: The Books check out their video below. So beautiful.

The Perfect Gift ART SALE

It’s that time of year that we all begin to search for “The Perfect Gift“. The gift that reflects everything you love about your special someone. A gift that says that you inspire me endlessly. Something thoughtful, beautiful, and creative…just like them, right?

Well, I think I can help.

Now til Christmas I will be making it easy for you to get that perfect gift. Visit my Esty Shop today and receive 15% off you purchase! Simply enter the sales code HOHOHO when you check out of Etsy.

I will taking special orders for AURA paintings.

Here is a painting that was  special ordered from my lovely friend Natasha. PINK AURA


I will also be taking special orders on the “bird on a wire” style paintings too!


You pick the color, size and price. I will then begin to make a one of a kind gift painting for you!  

I will also be a busy as an elf creating personalized orders like drawings, calligraphy, hand-printed t-shirts, cards, journals, tote-bags and more.

Have an  idea for a gift?  I love special orders and customizing things, its makes it that much more special! See something you like and want to make an offer, well, do it.  mtowsand@gmail.com

Visit my blog weekly to view new items and ideas that I will be busy whipping up just in time for Christmas. Check out my website for a full portfolio.

Have you seen a painting at one of my exhibits and was interested? Good News: all previously shown artwork is now 50% off!!!

Here are a few that are now half price!

The Space Between was $650, NOW $325!

He Woke Me Up Again was $550, NOW $275!

Yellow Aura was $550, NOW $275!

Infected Heart was $950, NOW $475!

Shades of Grey was $950, NOW $475

Please email me with inquiries, questions, ideas, comments and more at mtowsand@gmail.com Hurry, before they sell out!

Happy Holidays!!


I painted this today while being inspired by beautiful music of  Mountain Man.

This original painting is for sale on my website. If you would like to order you very own, custom painting, simply email at  mtowsand@gmail.com .

Happy Monday!


I can’t believe only 5 days until August!

It has been a hot summer this year, keeping me indoors creating artwork, reading, listening to music, cooking, laughing, loving and centering myself.  

Lately, I have been hand-printing, stamping, and experimenting with new avenues. I love the simplicity and functionality of these pieces. 

I still find myself coming back to what I love the most, drawing and painting.

Today I printed up business cards and flyers for my shows coming up.

 As I mentioned in the last post, I have an art show this Friday and Saturday at Spark Contemporary Art Space for an ART MUSIC PEOPLE show. Nick and I are super excited about it.

I went this Sunday to drop off my paintings to the organizer and founder of ART MUSIC PEOPLE, Agata. I love this girl! She is an artist as well, with the ambition to create amazing, non-profit events with really awesome turnouts. Check out her work and mine at the show!

After the long list of things to do(and only crossing off a few), I came home from yoga and made a sugar scrub. I made it with brown sugar, olive oil, and chopped up strawberries. Next time I will add a bit of honey.  

Strawberries are really great for your complexion, olive oil moisturizes and smooths your skin, and the sugar exfoliates. Its edible too!! This scrub worked really well at getting some of that summer skin off, preparing myself for August.

Reminds me of a song by Death Cab For Cutie called Summer Skin.