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Vinyl Junkie

I LOVE the feeling of purchasing new vinyl, opening it, devouring it cover-to-cover and painting my room with noise from Side A to finish, as intended. It’s like tapping into my personal portal of emotions, inspirations and beauty that can only be accessed when I listen to a record. It’s like a drug that heals me and gives me strength. Kind of like a super power. A super power to create art, grow and become my dream.

This is why I buy music. Real hold-in-your-hands music. Vinyl preferably, but a CD will do.

I originally started writing this post for one reason; The Sound Awake (my husbands) band is releasing their latest album on vinyl and CD! I am so excited for him and want to find any way possible to get the word out. Please help spread the word and if you want dibs on some free stuff like Original Artwork Vinyl (created by me and a few other artist), House Shows (that’s right, they will come and play your house show!),hand written lyrics and more. Click on the video to the right to watch as The Sound Awake explains their campaign and gives you a taste of their sound.


WedWed : DIY Wedding Decorations

Learn how to make all these wonderful decorations by following the link below the picture. Have fun!


Project Wedding


The Sweetest Occasion


It’s been over a week, almost two since I last blogged! EEEK! 

I have been busy the past few weeks planning shows, creating and “cleaning house”.

Just this past week I began to follow the book “Spiritual Diary: An Inspirational Thought for Each Day of the Year”. In the first few pages of the book, it explains how to use the diary. In my words, this is how: Read a passage/inspirational quote each morning, meditate on the passage and then throughout the day, refer back to the passage for inspiration, courage, clarity and guidance.

Today’s quote is from yogi Paramahansa Yogananda ” Live only in the present, not in the future. Do your best today; don’t look for tomorrow.

This diary has been such an amazing, yet simple gift given to myself and Nick by his father Craig Bullock, a Kriya Yoga teacher and ordained minister with the Center for Spiritual Awareness and also the founder and spiritual director of The Assisi Institute.

I have been busy preparing for a few shows coming up in the nest few weeks…

The first falling on a Friday and Saturday July 30th, and 31st. I will be exhibiting my art at Spark Contemporary Art Space in Syracuse, along with over 10 more artist! There will be live music from bands like Gracious Sakes Alive, Failed States, One Man Riot/Underground River, Donna and more! For more info on this event check out the Facebook event page here. I almost forgot to mention, all proceeds of this event go to bikes for refugees!

The next event is August 8th at the front outdoor lawn of The Museum of the Earth. The event is called Art Fest at the Mote. I will be part os this lovely art day celebration that will have tents and booths set up with local artist selling and showing all of their awesome work. I will have my own tent, self-titled.

This will be my very first art festival ever! I’m so excited! I have been busy preparing all new work and items to bring with me that day like hand-printed fabrics, journals and cards.

And of course, some of my original work and prints will be on site too! Some other artists like Ryan B. Curtis, Rachel Philipson and One Swell Gal will also be there!

I almost forgot to share some  photos  from Independence day. The lights are mesmerizing and so full of energy. I could stare at fireworks and sparklers all night while listening to radiohead. Click on radiohead, then scroll down while listening.