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Print Giveaway

Today’s giveaway: “White Face”
Details: Limited Edition 8×10″ print, signed and titled.
To enter: enter email in comment box below or email us directly at hazelwonderlandstudio@gmail.com
Drawing Ends: 9/21/12, winner announced 9/24/12. No purchase necessary. All free.


New collection coming July 2012


A sneak peek at what I have been working on in the studio. More to come in July 2012. Stay tuned. 




The song “Zebra” by Beach House inspired my exploration of the animal Zebra. 

I was curious about the mystery and beauty behind the black and white fur. I found that their skin is black underneath that mane and with each striping pattern unique to each individual, zebras can recognize one another by their stripes.

It reminded me of us humans and our hair. How beautiful, unique and colorful each person is. I love the art of hair. Here are some great illustrations of hair:

A New Hope by Mr. Bingo

Male Beard by Hannah Stouffer

Bridget by Nosideup

and a painting of the one the most romantic hair fairy tales:

Rapunzel by Stasia Burrington