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TONIGHT: The Sound Awake at The Chapter House 10pm

I am super pumped about the show tonight: The Sound Awake at The Chapter House at 10pm. Be there, your mind will thank you.



BANDS: LOFTS & Sunday Vipers

I couldn’t wait to share with you this weekends show at The Chapter House on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 10pm. Headlining is local/Brooklyn based duo, LOFTS. Guitarist and singer Bruce Hyde together with Johnny Zachman on synth, create a palette of fuzz drenched guitars, bluesy vocals and perfectly executed synth. Sample their soon-to-be-released self-titled LP here.

A little about  Hyde:

What are you listening to:  Lots of stuff, at the moment I’m playing Roxy Music’s first record.
Favorite piece of gear: 65 Fender Jazzmaster
Digital or Analog:  Analog!! We record all our stuff to tape

And opening the night with Steve Gollnick on guitar and vocals, Billy Cote on guitar and Walt Lorenzut on drums is the trio, Sunday Vipers. 

I asked Gollnick the same questions:

What are you listening to:   Various punk and post-punk, avant-jazz, electronic, along with lots of old-school reggae and soul music
Favorite piece of gear:    at the moment, my cheapo electric 12 string
Digital or Analog:   both… it’s all about how you use it….


STUDIO MUSIC: Helio Sequence // Negotiations

Perhaps inspired by their 2009 flood, forcing them to look else where for a new studio/practice space,  Helio Sequence of Portland, OR release their fifth full-length album Negotiations. Completely written, recorded and produced by the duo singer-guitarist Brandon Summers and drummer-keyboardist Benjamin Weikel.

I have been listening to this album loudly and repetitively since their release on September 11, 2012. I suggest you do the same.

LIKE: Sounds like Rogue Wave, The Walkmen, Tapes ‘n Tapes.

LISTEN: to it free here.

LOVE: more about them here.

LIVE: See them live here.

Images: Ron Henry & Candice Harbour

!!the color orange!!


as some of you know i conducted an experiment at my live art show this past friday. i handed out a paper with some definitions of color theory, color psychology and audiovisual art. then asked a few questions that pertained to the definitions. i also asked what there current state of mind and/or emotion was and what color the emotion looks like to them.

i am inspired when i listen to music. the reason behind this blog, music=art,  is my attempt to share with you how music creates, is, and inspires my art .  art is many things, for me it is visual art. when i listen to music my body, mind, and heart grows with visuals of color and beauty and emotions of growth, happiness, meloncholy, love, etc. thus,  musi=art . 

i am always looking to expand, inform, inspire, redifine and marvel in the corelation between music and art.

i am curious what people are feeling while listening to live music and watching someone(s) paint live art. i wanted to learn if people shared the same inspiration, or energy. what the energy or emotion was and what color they percieved the emotion to be.

i used the color red and yellow and a bit of orange in the begining of my painting. when i started to paint the music was dance/house music that created layers of atmoshpere for the mind to grow with imagination and excitement. as the night progressed the music slowly got happier, cheerful, and energetic. i continued painting with reds and yellows. then the music got louder, a bit darker, and heavy. i began to paint with black. after a short while, i could not find energy within myself to continue. i felt confused, aggitated, and sad. i couldnt paint any longer. i was frustrated. i poured black ink on my painting. and called it quits.

by the end of the night the music lightened up and i felt relief. by then, my painting was a lost cause. i brought the painting home.

the next day i couldnt help but feel the same energy from the night prior when i looked at the paiting. i didnt like it. just like emotions, when i feel sad, angry or down and i dont want to feel that way, i take a shower try to clean the feelings off of me then start again. well, i tried to wash the paint off of the canvas. it did not work. now what? i cant stand to look at the painting.

i did the only thing i could do. i painted it black.

originally i conducted this experiment for others and found myself learning a bit about what i can listen to when i paint, and what i cannot.

the long awaited results of the study: (drum roll)..

the majority ruled that most people were feeling excited and energetic. and the color of that emotion was orange. whats interesting is the color psychology of orange is excitement. a few people felt happy and green and red. and one person felt pensive and sparkly purple. another felt dumfounding well and clear. INTERESTING!

now that i have written a short novel about all of this, i am going to leave you with a few links and music i thought were appropriate for this discussion. thank youto everyone who attended and participated. i would like to continue with these experiments in the future. and thanks to all who follow my blog and show great support.

Orange Music delivers music that will relax your mind as well as exhilarate your soul, catering for both young and old.
Music orange: a music resource that helps create your vision of music with the help of precomposed tracks.
conveying emotion through color: a link about painting with colors and hoe to use it in design, etc.

color therapy

and some music that i’ve been listening to that makes me feel orange. broken bells:Famed producer Danger Mouse and the Shins’ James Mercer play off each other’s strengths on their unique debut album.

music=art posters

“nick bullock, friday february 19th @ leaf & bean 7:30pm” reads the poster i handmade for bullock’s show. text handwritten on music paper, and drawing of bullock cut out then placed ontop of an original painting. bullock will be playing his hometown, rochester, ny friday  february 19th @ leaf & bean and saturday february 20th @ the lovin cup. “Nick was raised in a small mid west town by his preacher father and medicine-woman mother. He first discovered a love for music playing for his church congregation in Rochester, NY, then rapidly developed a desire to switch to the dance hall crowd….” read more on bullock on the lovin cup website.

all i need

i painted this picture to radiohead’ s latest album “in rainbows” . i named the painting “all i need” after the track #5. im inspired by the incredible layers of emotion that go into this music.  I’d also like to mention is the outstanding efforts and generosity radiohead and others have made to raise money for the tragedy in haiti. micheal stark of ithaca, ny organized a benefit fot haiti 1.17.10. more than 13 bands played, live art , art, gift certificates and more were donated. a total of over $5400 was raised.  stark asked me to paint live at the show, start to finish. the painting was then auctioned off for $180. more on the benefit in the ithaca jounal.