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Vinyl Junkie

I LOVE the feeling of purchasing new vinyl, opening it, devouring it cover-to-cover and painting my room with noise from Side A to finish, as intended. It’s like tapping into my personal portal of emotions, inspirations and beauty that can only be accessed when I listen to a record. It’s like a drug that heals me and gives me strength. Kind of like a super power. A super power to create art, grow and become my dream.

This is why I buy music. Real hold-in-your-hands music. Vinyl preferably, but a CD will do.

I originally started writing this post for one reason; The Sound Awake (my husbands) band is releasing their latest album on vinyl and CD! I am so excited for him and want to find any way possible to get the word out. Please help spread the word and if you want dibs on some free stuff like Original Artwork Vinyl (created by me and a few other artist), House Shows (that’s right, they will come and play your house show!),hand written lyrics and more. Click on the video to the right to watch as The Sound Awake explains their campaign and gives you a taste of their sound.


Dream Big: Band Identity, Marketing & Merchandise

MUSIC=ART is the idea that music inspires art. A simple equation.

As an artist inspired by music, I love to to create art to music and for music. I began expressing this passion, for music inspired art, when I began working with my husband’s band, The Sound Awake.

We sat down, spoke about his ideas, expectations, dreams and we created a vision, an identity. I have helped him/them create their website, merchandise, photography, promotional materials, marketing and more.

I’m an artist, entrepreneur, cook, wife and I’m easy to talk to. Say hello meredithtowsand@gmail.com

Digital Download Card design

Album Artwork Design and Printing

Posters, design and printing

Merchandise Suitcase, fully stocked

Custom Design Silk- Screen, hand-printed t-shirts

Favorite Sandwich: Local Poached Eggs and Organic Roasted Turkey Sandwich

I have been recently in love with poached eggs. Now, If you haven’t ever done it before, I suggest looking up some tips. It’s a bit challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s so simple. I found a great and easy tutorial on smitten kitchen.

After a few weeks of making this lovely food and ordering it out at brunch, I have mastered what I am calling my favorite sandwich.

2 toasted slices of gluten-free bread

1 thin layer of blackberry jam

3 warm thin slices of organic roasted turkey breast

2 poached cage-free and local eggs

romaine lettuce

salt and pepper to taste

along with lavender, mint and lemon iced tea made in the sun.

Your turn, do you have any spring sandwich recipes your in love with?

Free Music Friday // 4/1/2011

Luke G. // Da Westy 7-9:30pm
Hee Haw Nightmare // Silky Jones 6-8pm 
Why The Wires // The Shop 8pm 
Evil City String Band // Felicias 5:30-8:30pm

STUDIO MUSIC: Summer People // Teamwork

After there well received album, Good Problems, released in 2010,  local favorites and friends, Summer People, will be releasing their sophomore full length album, Teamwork, on CD and iTunes March 3rd.

Check them out for yourselves here. Catch them live here:

3/3 Albany, NY @ Hudson River Coffee House, 

 3/4  Brooklyn, NY @ Emerald City

3/5 Lancaster, PA @ Deadset Collective, 20 Plum St.

3/6 Baltimore, MD @ The Annex, 419 E Oliver St.

3/7 Harrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile

3/8 TBD

3/9 Greenville, SC @ Suite 8

3/10 Atlanta, GA @ The Wonderroot

3/11 Birmingham, AL @ God’s Butt 

3/12 Hattiesburg, MS @ 1126 House

3/13 Baton Rouge, LA @ The Warehouse

3/14  Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land

3/15 San Marcos, TX @ Triple Crown

3/16 Austin, TX @ SXSW – Cherry Wood Coffee House 6 pm

3/17 Austin, TX @ TBA

3/18 Austin, TX @ SXSW – The Nine Mile (1st & Cesar Chavez) 1pm

 3/19 Austin, TX @ TBA

3/20 Austin, TX @ TBA

3/21 Midland, TX @ Pinebox

3/22 Lubbock, TX @ Whiskey Dix

3/23 Norman, OK @ 114 W. Main

3/24 Fayetteville, AR @ Smoke & Barrel