Dream Big: Band Identity, Marketing & Merchandise

MUSIC=ART is the idea that music inspires art. A simple equation.

As an artist inspired by music, I love to to create art to music and for music. I began expressing this passion, for music inspired art, when I began working with my husband’s band, The Sound Awake.

We sat down, spoke about his ideas, expectations, dreams and we created a vision, an identity. I have helped him/them create their website, merchandise, photography, promotional materials, marketing and more.

I’m an artist, entrepreneur, cook, wife and I’m easy to talk to. Say hello meredithtowsand@gmail.com

Digital Download Card design

Album Artwork Design and Printing

Posters, design and printing

Merchandise Suitcase, fully stocked

Custom Design Silk- Screen, hand-printed t-shirts


3 thoughts on “Dream Big: Band Identity, Marketing & Merchandise

  1. ryan-ashley

    I gotta say: I am sort of obsessed. I listened to your sweetie’s music and, well, you two are both just so incredible.

    It is such a treat ‘meeting’ people who truly are leading artful lives and creating all sorts of beautiful things–we need more of that.

    I am so inspired looking at all the two of you do, but more than that, it’s energizing. I spend so much time writing, conjuring up new knitting patterns, making jewelry, etc, that I don’t often have time to do much else, and sometimes a schedule so busy with creative production can be exhausting! It’s just really refreshing to be able to enjoy a little access to somebody else’s process, who’s obviously just as passionate as they are productive.

    Thanks for sharing!


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